Six Days: San Francisco to Los Angeles

Cycling down the Pacific Coast Bike Route in 2018

All photos by @jimmy_whippet and @xiscofusterphotography

In summary

Fireflies West — Day 1

At the start in Mill Valley. Fog obscures the Golden Gate Bridge; arm warmers and gilets were required… my packing was rushed and slightly redundant, but at least I made the flight up to San Fran on time…
In front of me and behind me on the Golden Gate Bridge
First stop outside of San Francisco
No bikes? Of course we did…
While we had a nice chat up the hill, Richard W pretty much towed me through this valley to lunch. #beastmode
Polo and Rich O, doing the phone thing. Best coffee of the trip was at the Pescadero cafe, “Downtown Local”. Where the music is on vinyl and the cake was delicious.
Arrival in Santa Cruz
Eat anything with gusto. Four course diner dinner…

Fireflies West — Day 2

Fireflies West — Day 3

Fireflies West — Day 4

September 30th, 8:21 am, 2018

Fireflies West — Day 5

Fireflies West — Day 6

I ride a bike more than I drive. Visual Effects Supervisor by day. Ponderer, dilly-dallier, idea generator. Lived in Germany, Australia, Japan & United States

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